Where Can I Get Reflexology In London?

So where can I get Reflexology in London, you may be asking? At Synergy Massage , and our local London facility, of course!

Where Can I Get Reflexology In London?

Reflexology, also referred to as zone therapy, is the practice of applying pressure to the feet, and hands, to illicit healing and relaxation throughout the body. This ancient practice asserts that every organ and part of the body is connected to the nerves in our feet, meaning by manipulating the bottom of the foot, you can affect the deeper parts of the body altogether. So where can I get Reflexology in London, you may be asking? At Synergy Massage , and our local London facility, of course! To learn more about this natural therapeutic method, please read on.

How Can It Help?

Reflexology can help those who suffer from musculoskeletal pain, insomnia, anxiety and stress, and hormonal and digestive issues. By working the body reflex, our registered massage therapists can place pressure on the area that does not cause you pain, and affect the parts that do. Overall this form of therapy can aid our clients in reducing stress, improving relaxation, releasing tension throughout the body and decreasing pain, improving the body’s functions, enhancing overall wellness, and increasing strength and mobility.

A Balanced Body

Reflexology can bring about total body relaxation, balancing the internal system, and resulting in positive effects throughout. This treatment is a natural, low-cost option to offset adverse effects on your health, as the body is intricately connected and therefore must be balanced accordingly.

Alternative Treatment

This form of treatment is a very low-risk therapy, so it a highly reasonable method for those seeking relaxation and a break from their daily pain and stress levels. For people who do not like being touched on their body, but still want to obtain the positive effects of massage therapy, this method is a great alternative, as only the feet need to be touched. Removal of footwear is all that is required, versus stripping down to your undergarments for other forms of massage.

Where Can I Get Reflexology In London?

With all of this in mind, London residents can find professional reflexology services here at Synergy Massage and our locally situated facility at 1635 Hyde Park Rd. Our registered massage therapists are well versed in this natural therapy and can help you achieve optimal health results through the administration of pressure to the feet.

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Reflexology in London

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