Find Relaxing Aromatherapy In London

At Synergy Massage, we can easily mix and match aromatherapies to help you achieve a greater sense of awakening or a more profound feeling of relaxation.

Find Relaxing Aromatherapy In London

Residents looking to find relaxing aromatherapy in London can quiet their mind, and find respite from the stressful world outside when they visit us here at Synergy Massage and enjoy our massage therapies and spa services. Our local facility offers a range of massage therapies at the hands of registered massage therapists, that can be paired with aromatherapy to create a deep sense of relaxation and stress alleviation. To find out more about our services, and how they can help you harmonize your body and mind, please keep reading below.

Paired With Massages

By using essential oils and natural aromatic botanicals, we can combine the calming or refreshing effects of aromatherapy with any of our massage services. By uniting these forms of stress relief, we can help our clients achieve greater physical, psychological, and spiritual well being. Choose between a range of botanical scents that can elicit all types of responses in the body, to create a lasting effect when paired with our massages that will keep you rejuvenated many days after your visit to our facility.

Invigorating Scents

Aromatherapy can also stimulate and invigorate the senses, improve energy levels and boost the mind and body. Wild orange essential oils are a great way to gain an energy boost without the use of stimulants like caffeine. Uplift your spirits with lime and improve your mood with grapefruit.

Calming Scents

Individuals that crave respite from their stressful lives, and are looking for a way to unwind and find a measure of peace in their busy lifestyle can quiet their mind with the use of patchouli, spearmint, and lavender aromatherapy. Patchouli can relax the emotional centre of the brain while spearmint relaxes the respiratory and nervous system to further create a sense of emotional balance. Lavender is one of the most popular scents for aromatherapy, as it offers a range of relaxing effects in the mind and body, and works to reduce anxiety and depression.

Breathe Deeply

At Synergy Massage, we can easily mix and match aromatherapies to help you achieve a greater sense of awakening or a more profound feeling of relaxation. Whatever form of alleviation your body and mind are looking to find, we offer relaxing aromatherapy in London that can be paired with our massages for longer-lasting effects on the body.

Please click here to contact us online or by phone to learn more about our relaxing and healing massage services, and book your appointment right away! We look forward to treating you at our London facility, conveniently located at 1635 Hyde Park Rd.

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